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BMW GS Series


            The BMW GS series of bikes has become the gold standard of Adventure Touring motorcycles.  They invented the genre.  We can assist you setting up your bike for exactly how you intend to use it.  We can either rebuild your stock shocks or offer aftermarket replacement.  Each solution will be set up for you specifically and custom built with your needs as our number one goal.

            Sasquatch Suspensions has hundreds of satisfied customers who we have built shocks for.  We can take your stock BMW shock, gut it, and install performance valving, a full rebuild, and a custom spring for your weight and loads, all for $450.  Compare that to an Ohlins that runs $1200.00.  It is a great bargain.  You send us your shock, and within two weeks (taking account for shipping both ways) you have it back in your hands, fully rebuilt and set up for you personally.







            Rebuild the stock shock bringing it back to as new condition,

            It will be fully rebuildable by anyone in the future.                              $250 + hard parts


            Fully modified stock shock with custom valving and a new

            Spring set up for you personally.                                                        $525 complete


Email us for a personalized quote.  Anything from parts, OEM rebuilding, to aftermarket shock replacements, let us assist you.