Adventure Power Sports, LLC


Dual Sport Bikes (Thumpers)


            Sasquatch Suspensions has been professionally setting up dual sport suspensions since 2003, and as a business since 2007.  I ride what I sell.  In fact, the photos on our main page are all from my years of riding.  Some of our competitor’s web pages suggest spring rates and valving components thinking you are going to be racing supercross on your DR650.  I do not.  Specializing in dual sports, both heavy and light, as well as being an avid DS rider has allowed me to understand the unique requirements of a dual sport rider.  We are located in SW Idaho, right in the middle of arguably the best dual sport riding in the world.  From high mountain passes to desert roads, we have it all.

            We know what it takes to set up a dual sport bike for long trips with your entire luggage strapped on, or the weekend warrior out blasting fire roads.  We understand what dual sport riders expect from their bikes and how to give it to them.

            Let me set up a suspension package for you to get the most from your bike and still leave enough money in your account to actually go ride.  Email me with your specific questions.