Adventure Power Sports, LLC

Kawasaki KLR650


            The KLR is the Swiss Army knife of dual sport motorcycles.  They are everywhere.  They are reliable, and capable to do most anything an owner needs it to do.  But it was a motorcycle built on a budget, and the suspension was one area that Kawasaki cut costs.  But it can be easily updated.

            Sasquatch Suspensions has hundreds of satisfied customers.  You send us your shock, and within two weeks (taking account for shipping both ways) you have it back in your hands, fully rebuilt and set up for you personally.


            For your forks, you can rebuild them yourself, or have us do it for you.  We suggest adding the Race Tech cartridge emulators and a set of proper rate, straight rate springs for your application.  Parts prices and services listed below. 






            Rebuild the stock shock bringing it back to as new condition,

            It will be fully rebuildable by anyone in the future.                              $175 + hard parts


            Fully modified stock shock with custom valving and a new

            Spring set up for you personally.                                                        $475 up to yr. 2008

                                                                                                                        $400 2008+



            Standard full rebuild to OEM specs.                                                   $175 + hard parts


            Rebuild plus installation of Race Tech emulators, custom

            Springs, and all new seals.                                                                 $525 complete