Parts and Accessories:

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JT Chain and Sprocket Kit:  Includes JT front and rear steel sprockets and a JT heavy duty X ring Chain.

                                             Price is for factory gearing.  Additional gearing options available, email me

                                             for a current quote.

​                                             DL650  15T/47T + Chain                                   $135.00

                                             DL1000 (Up to 2012) 17T/41T + Chain             $125.00

Air Filters:                                 DL650 K4-K5-K6

                                                                 HiFlo Filtro                                                 $27.00

                                                                 K&N                                                           $72.00

                                                  DL1000  2002-13

                                                                 HiFlo Filtro                                                 $27.00

                                                                 K&N                                                           $72.00

Hyperpro Shocks:                    

      Hyperpro shocks are made to order and include the following features:

  •                       Rebound adjustment; 50 clicks
  •                       Compression adjustment High and Low speed (if present); 30 clicks
  •                       Manual spring preload adjuster (Hydraulic preload adjustment as an option)
  •                       The Hyperpro’s progressive spring (linear spring available upon request)
  •                       16mm spindle shaft for high durability
  •                       Bladder technology to separate the oil from the nitrogen gas used by shocks with reservoir
  •                       Length adjuster as an option

                                                  DL1000 2002-2016

                                                  DL650 2004-2016

                                                        460-  Adjustable rebound, DeCarbon, threaded spring preload:                  $619.00

                                                        461-  Remote Reservoir, adjustable compression/rebound:                        $959.00


                                                               Hydraulic spring preload adjuster:                                                         $269.00  

                                                               Length adjustable, +/- 5mm                                                                    $99.00                                                 



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Suzuki Vstrom



     2014+ DL1000 suspension development has been completed.  If you have a 2014+ DL1000 I can now fully service or upgrade your factory suspension.  Prices are listed below in the pricing chart.  Don't buy an expensive aftermarket shock when your stock one can be built into a solid performer at a fraction of the cost.  I can also spring and upgrade the valving on the 2014+ USD forks as well. 


​            It is easy to see why the Suzuki Vstrom is such a success.  Great power, reliability and versatility all for a very competitive price.  But there is room for improvement.  The stock suspension is set up for a 160 lb rider with minimal luggage.  And even at that, it is too soft.

            I pioneered rebuilding of the stock Vstrom shock.  I am an adventure touring rider myself and am intimately knowledgeable about the demands that an adventure rider places on their bikes.  Sasquatch Suspensions has hundreds of satisfied customers who I have built shocks for.  Your stock Vstrom shock can be fully rebuilt and performance valving set up, then add a custom spring for your weight and loads, all for much less than a replacement shock.  Compare that to an Ohlins that runs $1200.00.  It is a great bargain.  You send me your suspension and in 5 days or less in house, it will be sent back to you fully rebuilt and customized based on your needs.


            For your forks, you can rebuild them yourself, or have me do it for you.  I suggest adding the Race Tech cartridge emulators to the DL650 and a set of proper rate, straight rate springs for your application.  For the DL1000 I suggest having your forks revalved and set up for you personally for how you ride your bike and what loads you carry.  Parts prices and services listed below. 

           No matter what you choose I will spend the time talking to you to fully understand you, your bike and how you ride so that I can set up the suspension best for you.  We will never use "off the shelf" valving or springs.  Our line of DL springs are custom made in the US to our specifications to perfectly fit and match the DL.  All of our valving components are also US made.

           Now offered is the full line of SKF seals for all our rebuilds.  SKF is quickly becoming the standard for friction reduction and long life.  Ask us to upgrade your rebuild and install SKF seals.  If SKF seals are not chosen, OEM seals will be used.



Suspension Services Pricing:



            Rebuild the stock shock bringing it back to as new condition,

            all shock shafts are honed by hand to reduce wear and friction.       $125 plus hard parts as needed   

                                                                                                                         $140 for 2014+ DL 1000


            Fully modified stock shock with custom valving and a new

            Spring set up for you personally.                                                        $325 complete  $350 for 14+ DL 1k



            Standard full rebuild to OEM specs.                                                   $125 + hard parts


            DL650 -Rebuild plus installation of Race Tech emulators, 

                         Custom springs, and all new SKF seals.                              $460 complete

​            DL1000 - Rebuild, revalve, new springs and new SKF seals.          $370 complete


Individual Parts Sold Separately:

            Custom shock springs (no adapters needed, unlike our

Competitors) rate based on customer's needs:                                 $129

Custom spring for 2014+ DL1000 shock and spacer                        $135


Custom fork springs:                                                                          $129


Race Tech cartridge emulators                                                          $169

SKF fork seals, simply the best                                                          $36/pr


Call or email us with any questions.